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The future
of cooking

A fast, easy-to-use induction stove
by batteries ⚡️
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Electra stove

Boils water
in 30 seconds

The Electra stove can boil a  cup of water in 30 seconds. It’ll take around 7 minutes for a full pot, which gets your family pasta on the table faster than any gas or electric stove available today. This is because we pull power from our batteries along with the wall. You’ve never seen a cooktop like this.


Precise temperature stove

Dial in your favorite morning coffee temp or keep your soup at the perfect simmer all afternoon. Electra delivers fast, accurate heat every time.

Fight climate change,
one battery at a time

...and get paid for it.

If you sign up for Electra’s Virtual Power Plant program,  you get paid for being a resource the grid calls on when stressed (instead of burning dirty fossil fuels). With Electra, each household is doing its part to support the grid.

No setup,
we're plug & play

Plug icon
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Our stove plugs right into your 120V wall outlet.
Unlike other electric stoves, you don't need to hire an electrician to replace your gas range. We charge up the batteries throughout the day, then deliver quick, high voltage energy to the cooktop when you need it.

Built for the long haul

Battery guaranteed

Open hardware means the battery will be repairable long after we’re gone. After 10 years of use (6000 cycles), it'll still perform at 80% of its original capacity. When it's time to replace it, it can be easily replaced by a trained technician.

Battery timeline

Conflict-free minerals

We use Lithium-Iron-Phosphate chemistry for our battery cells, which is abundant everywhere on Earth and low impact relative to other battery chemistry.

Lithium Brine PondElectra Price Stove

Cradle to grave lifecycle management

We take responsibility for reusing and recycling all the parts of the stove at the end of its life.

Open Electra Oven

Ready when you need it

Electra kitchen scene ready when you need it

We intelligently charge your stove battery when electricity is cheap so that there’s always energy when you need it. You get the benefits of battery technology without needing to worry about when to charge. The battery is guaranteed for 10 years and is designed to be easily replaced by a trained technician.

What is induction cooking?

Leveraging cutting-edge magnetic technology, induction heat transfers energy efficiently to the pan resulting in almost no wait time. The Electra stove is more than twice as efficient as any gas stove on the market, and far more responsive than any conventional electric stove.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need new pans?
Your steel pans and cast iron pans will already work. If you have any doubts, you can test with a magnet. For your other pans, the Electra stove comes with an induction adapter. This will make your induction stove perform like a conventional electric stove.
What happens when the battery runs out?
A fully charged Electra stove can boil enough water for pasta for 48 people or make 76 cups of tea. You won't need to worry about the battery for everyday cooking and for special occasions, the app will help you plan your cook to keep the battery charged. When the battery runs out the whole system still works on wall power. You can run the stove at reduced power (up to “medium-high” heat). The oven runs at full power, but cannot be used at the same time as the stove when in low power mode.
Is it safe?
LFP batteries are much safer than conventional lithium ion batteries. They don’t experience thermal runaway at the same rates and low temperatures, and they don't produce combustible gases as byproducts. We designed and manufactured our battery management system right here in Ridgewood, Queens, New York City. Our team includes hardware specialists from MIT, Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, and NYU.
How can you guarantee your batteries for 10 years?
We set up a separate entity that handles maintenance and warranties, and we set aside some revenue from every purchase to keep it running so even if we’re gone, your warranty is still valid.