About us

Electra’s mission is to facilitate near-term climate impact by enabling the use of renewable resources for peak and baseload energy demands. Induction stoves represent a powerful way to introduce impactful battery capacity into homes in a way that benefits both individual users and the electrical grid as a whole. We're proud to say we design these 120v-compatible induction stoves right here in New York.

Unlike other battery-equipped stoves on the market, the Electra stove has a power outlet that enables anything plugged into it to be part of a virtual power plant program. The revenues from these programs go to the end users, incentivizing them to ensure an appropriate load is plugged in. 10000 stoves with refrigerators plugged into them is 5 megawatts of dispatchable capacity - these contributions to grid stability add up fast.

We believe induction stoves are the future of cooking, superior to gas stoves in heat time, temperature control, and air quality. Methane and VOCs produced by incomplete combustion of gas in gas stoves exacerbate asthma and other respiratory conditions which are more prevalent in the homes of our least financially privileged neighbors. Bringing the future of cooking, better indoor air quality, and a participatory role in the future of America’s electrical grid to these homes is good for the climate, good for the city, and good for those who have historically been left behind in disruptive technology transitions.

Meet our team

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Bert Muthalaly
Bert is a technologist and innovator with over a decade of experience in high-performance computing at Google and other startups. He attended the University of Texas at Austin.
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Greg Shakar
Greg is a Research Fellow at NYU focused on quantum computing and teaching students the art of microelectronics. In his free time he builds MRI machines and musical instruments.
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Coco Walsh
Coco is an electrical and software engineer with a decade of experience in applied electronics at startups and nonprofits such as the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). They hold degrees from Carnegie Mellon and Rutgers University in math, physics, and computer engineering.
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Harold Cooper
Harold is a software engineer with a decade of experience working independently for companies like Google and Ebay. He graduated from MIT with degrees in math, electrical engineering, and computer science.